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Vino Mas Colors: what's behind them?
 Let's start with the mural on the wall as you enter the store: It is a picture of a "Mas", which in French means "traditional house or farm in Provence". A "Mas" will many times be on a hill overlooking a vineyard. Our Mural is the "Mas" in Vino Mas. On the mural is a glass of wine that was painted in, that is our Vino in Vino Mas. Wine is grown almost everywhere in the world and as we know, Vino in many languages means Wine.

Now let's move to all the different colors in the store. I will start with the color of the wine racks. On one side there are "reddish" racks, on the other side there are "yellowish" racks, this is to separate and easily find the red and white wines. Behind the racks are the same colors. The paint is a "faux" paint which shows several shades of reds and yellow/white to represent the different shades of red and white grapes.

The front of the store has a brownish color on the wall. The brown color symbolizes the dirt that the grape vines grow in. The back of the store is a greenish color which represents the green canopy/leaves that are part of the grapevines.

If you already knew the story behind the colors and name great, if not, now you know. The name Vino Mas and the colors in the store signify:

The Earth, The Vine, The Grapes, The Foliage and the tasty by-product of all of it: WINE!
Post By:   Deanna Albertson

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