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May 31, 2023
 Vino Mas Wine Club for June - wines from Greece


May 2, 2023
 May is Oregon Wine Month. We are celebrating this month at Vino Mas by highlighting wines from Ovum in Oregon.


April 5, 2023
 Wines from Armenia!


March 1, 2023
 Many of us have never had wine from Turkey and Hungary which the main red and white are from.  The wines this month are fun and are phenomenal paired with food; note that these are all Old World wines, which are typically made to go with food.   However, you can drink them on their own too.  


February 16, 2023
Stay warm this winter with red and white winter wines.


February 1, 2023
Pavette wines from California - Vino Mas February 2023 Wine Club


January 4, 2023
 Bagueri Wines from Slovenia!


November 30, 2022
 Wines from Twenty Rows and Acumen!


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